increase your website traffic step by step

increase your website traffic Find out how to do this

increase your website traffic is something that matters for many e-marketers and business owners, whose work requires an increase in the number of customers, and thus an increase in sales. Learn the most important ways you can get to get this by reading this article.

increase your website traffic

The most popular way to increase your site’s traffic is through the following points:

1- Paid ads

The method of paid advertisements or advertising is very distinctive, as it is divided into 4 basic methods, namely:

Paid Search method

This method is not free and mainly depends on creating paid ads on popular search engines such as Google, meaning that you only pay when a customer clicks on your ad.

This method is mainly based on the PPC system, and the search engines responsible for providing the service are paid for their service, which is the appearance of your site’s advertisement within the primary search results,

and it is executed only when the customer searches for the target keyword.

One of the most famous services provided by the famous Google search engine is the Adwords service.

Method of ads through social advertising sites

Social networking sites provide advertising services that you can use when publishing on your page or your organization on these sites.

Also, through its followers, you can target a specific segment of clients, such as targeting clients from specific countries, clients of a specific age,

or from a specific nationality, or who are interested in special, These ads are distinguished by following the PPC system, such as Paid Search.

How ads are displayed on many different Display Advertising sites

This method is inclusive of countless shapes, and includes a number of elements through which you can display images, text, or videos, for example.

Those who wish to follow this method seek to publish their website or brand in order to appear in front of a huge number of customers.

One of the most important things about this method is that it is often the cheapest price compared to the way ads on social media or paid search ads.

One of the most prominent places that offer this method is Google Adword, as it is provided through Google Adsence.

Popup Ads Method

increase your website traffic, Have you previously clicked on a link for a blog or website,

and this link displayed ads to you with just a click before directing you to the required website or blog?

Or have you noticed the presence of a window on a particular site that appears with ads?

  • Of course, yes, very simply this is the system of Popup Ads
  • method of showing ads for increase your website traffic ,
  • One of the most important advantages of following this method is that its price is very low and in most cases
  • you can achieve a huge number of visits to your website.
  • One of the most prominent sites that offer this service is

2- Social Media

increase your website traffic , The method of resorting to social media is one of the best ways to increase the rate of visits to your site and their easiest ever,

but in order to succeed in obtaining what you want through it you have to display content through these sites

provided that this content is attractive to customers and visitors and this content contains a link to your website or Your store,

and consequently, the number of followers will increase on these sites, enabling you to get what you want, which is the number of visitors increase your website traffic

you can read also : PaySky Payment Gateway for Opencart

3- Increase your website’s traffic through blogs

Although this method is very important, many people neglect it.

This is an important way in determining the order in which the site appears on search engines,

so you just have to create a blog and blog in it constantly by writing specific topics related to a field in which you have extensive experience or topics

that many people like to be able to target.

This method is very preferred by the search engines, and you can get the profit you want if implemented correctly.

4- Videos

increase your website traffic , Publishing videos on YouTube aimed at customers

and putting your website link in its description is one of the most effective ways to increase the number of visitors through videos, just like the way search engines do.

All you need to do is create videos related to your own domain,

and upload them to YouTube, with a distinctive and attractive title for viewers.

Doing so and adding high-quality content is a perfect guarantee for you to spread your video

even further and thus increase the traffic to your website or store, which is exactly what you need.

5- Targeting Long Tail Keywords

For example, instead of targeting the word “marketing” on the site, you should target the word “best electronic marketing.”

This is necessary to implement, because long tail keywords such as “best electronic marketing methods”,

the competition is less when compared to the word “marketing” as an illustrative example, no more.

Doing so will increase your chance of reaching the primary results in the search engines due to the lack of competition over them.

In spite of this, but this matter is not limited to what was mentioned only,

but more than that as well, the person who uses a sentence that includes several words, the purpose of using it for that is to target a specific thing.

In a simpler sense, if someone types the word “marketing” into a search engine, such as Google,

it may be that the purpose of the search is to find e-marketing in general, or the types of e-marketing or e-marketing methods,

but he did not target what he wanted in the search and he was satisfied with the word “Marketing.” The results will be very numerous, unlimited, and not limited to what he wants.

This is the opposite of the target person for a sentence such as the word “best electronic marketing methods

.” This is exactly what he wants to get and if you can achieve for this person what he wants

then you have won a visitor to your site in particular if the content you provide achieves a great benefit,

therefore this visitor will be reluctant to visit you It can also tell his friends about your good content and thus gain the confidence of many visitors, not one visitor.

6- Affiliate links

increase your website traffic , Following the affiliate system to increase the number of visitors is one of the most effective ways that bring great profits to everyone.

This system depends on selling in exchange for a commission, that is, by following this system,

the ability for visitors to your site to market to your service or products is given through specific links

that the visitor publishes on their sites, blogs or pages of social networking sites.

7- Always answer all questions related to your products or services

increase your website traffic , Following this method is by searching for questions

related to your products or services that you provide in other places such as forums or social media sites,

and speeding up their response and putting your links within the answer.


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